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Latest DSP-6800 DSP Processor
Item No.:
Product Origin: china
Shipping Port: Guangzhou
Lead Time:
Payment: TT/LC
Product introduction
DSP-6800 DSP Processor.
Car Audio 8Channel DSP Processor With 31-Brand Equalizer.
Control Method:PC Software.
6Channel High Level Input And 8Channel Low Level Output With Digital Input(Coaxial and Optical).
Wifi,For Controling The Item Via Android/WP Mobile Apps.
Bluetooth,For Receiving Music Siginal From Other  Devices.
Remote Control.
Working Voltage:DC-9.8V-16V.
Working Current :0.6A.
Idle Current :<1mA.
Low Input Sensitivity:0.01V-5V.
Filter Slope:12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB/Oct.
Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz.
Low Pass Filter:20Hz-20KHz.
High Pass Filter:20Hz-20KHz.
S/N Ration:>98dB.
Time Delay:30 ms,0.021ms per step .
Product recommendation

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